Seeding in the Spring

If you were thinking to seeding your lawn in the Spring, then think again. You should instead consider either saving your money or grabbing some new plant material and mulch, those can improve any landscape.  Leave the grass seed at the store until the Fall and save your money.  Seed isn’t exactly the cheapest thing money can buy and seeding in the Spring has little to no effect, so we suggest being patient and waiting it out until the fall.

Watering After Aeration & Seeding

A beautiful Tall Fescue lawn has several important maintenance requirements. At the top of the list is aerating and seeding. This consists of double-core aeration of the lawn to allow nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate deep into the soil. Then seeding the lawn twice with a premium, turf type Tall Fescue blend. Yet the work does not end there. 

Do I water my lawn after aerating and seeding? 

Yes! Watering consistently following aeration and seeding is the difference between success and failure. Here are some tips for proper watering: 


How to Seed Your Lawn

How Do I Seed My Lawn? 

Once fall comes around, you should prepare to seed your lawn to promote the healthy growth of your property’s grass. The following are the steps to seed your lawn properly and effectively during the fall season: 


The Best Time To Seed Your Lawn

Why should I seed my lawn? 

Even if you do your best to take care of your lawn during the summer, high temperatures can cause damage to your grass. This is especially true if you experience any droughts, or if your lawn consists of Fescue grass, which tends to struggle with Virginia’s weather conditions. You may end up with patches of thin grass or bare areas as a result of heat damage. This is why you’ll want to repair any damaged spots in your lawn once summer ends.