Bermudagrass Suppression

This is a tough intruder when it is not the grass you want.  


Invasive Bermudagrass

Common Bermudagrass, also known as wiregrass, is a resilient warm-season, perennial turfgrass that spreads through rhizomes and stolons. It thrives in heat and drought conditions but tends to struggle in shadier areas. Its adaptability makes it invasive in cool-season lawns within our region, particularly thriving in the sun-drenched areas of the lawn. Our transitional climate often leads to lawns with a mix of warm and cool-season grasses. Moreover, Bermudagrass seeds can spread via contaminated lawn equipment, wind, and animals, which also makes it difficult to keep out of your cool season lawn. Eradicating this grass is nearly impossible once it takes root, presenting a significant challenge for cool-season lawns. Bermudagrass becomes particularly aggressive when cool-season grasses are under stress, seizing the opportunity to outcompete them for nutrients and water during their most vulnerable months.


Reduction and Suppression

Although there's no permanent fix for Bermudagrass, we offer an effective strategy to curb this assertive grass. Our approach combines recommended cultural practices with a proven suppression plan, tailored to keep your lawn looking its best by controlling the spread of Bermudagrass. Developed from extensive research and collaboration on our 300-acre farm alongside leading turf universities, our plan is both effective and evidence-based. Benefit from our comprehensive research and enjoy peace of mind knowing your cool season lawn will not become dominated by Bermudagrass.

Lawn Programs


What to Expect with Bermudagrass Suppression

Our Bermudagrass Suppression strategy is designed to minimize its presence in your lawn, though complete eradication is not feasible. Aeration and Seeding are key to strengthening your Tall Fescue lawn, providing it with the competitive advantage.  

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Applications to Control Bermudagrass

During the summer, we apply four carefully timed treatments to achieve the best results. Our liquid treatments use a mix of products that target Bermudagrass without damaging the desirable Tall Fescue and Bluegrass in your lawn. Additionally, these applications effectively control and eliminate broadleaf and grassy weeds, including crabgrass.


Annual Maintenance

To effectively combat Bermudagrass, suppression treatments must be applied consistently year after year. This ongoing approach ensures continual management of Bermudagrass, helping to keep your lawn healthy and preventing the invasive grass from regaining a foothold.


Is Bermudagrass Suppression Right for Your Lawn?

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