Soil Amendments

Infuse vital nutrients into your depleted soil to see your lawn thrive. 

Soil sample being taken from the ground

Restore Your Soil

The foundation of a superior lawn is rooted in its soil composition. Turfgrass falls short without soil that's both nutrient-rich and well-balanced. Ensuring your soil maintains optimal balance supports turfgrass during its most challenging months, fortifying your lawn against insects, disease, and drought. That's why understanding your soil's specific needs is essential for optimal lawn health. Regular soil testing is our tool for uncovering these needs and guiding the precise application of soil amendments to correct any imbalances.

Soil Testing

Our soil testing service conducts a comprehensive analysis by sampling your property's soil and assessing its composition for key elements like pH and nutrient levels at an accredited lab, enabling tailored recommendations for unparalleled lawn vitality. Learn how our precise adjustments can optimize your soil for the healthiest lawn yet.

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Lime Applications

At Virginia Green, we use dolomitic lime, a high-quality limestone enriched with magnesium, to correct soil pH and combat nutrient lockout, ensuring your lawn stays lush and green by promoting healthier plants and more efficient chlorophyll synthesis. Discover how our Lime Application service can transform your lawn by elevating soil pH to the optimal range for grass growth.

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Potassium plays a crucial role in supporting the overall health of plants. It is essential for regulating water movement within the grass, ensuring that nutrients are transported where they're most needed. Beyond its role in hydration, potassium bolsters the plant's natural defenses, enhancing its ability to resist diseases. In essence, potassium is vital for the strength and health of your grass, making it an indispensable element in lawn care.

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Organic Soil Conditioner

Organic Soil Conditioner (OSC) is designed to significantly enhance your lawn's health by boosting organic matter and stimulating soil activity for the growth of beneficial microbes. It addresses common issues such as low organic matter levels, improving nutrient efficiency, moisture retention, and soil stability for a lusher, greener turf. 

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Lawn Programs


What to Expect with Soil Amendments

Our mission is to turn your underperforming soil into a fertile environment for a thriving, healthier, and more robust lawn.


Soil Analysis

Our trained Service Leader will collect a soil sample from your property for analysis by an accredited independent laboratory. You'll receive detailed results, highlighting any deficiencies, to ensure you're fully informed about your soil's condition. 



Your property's tailored soil test empowers you to make educated decisions and craft a plan perfectly suited to your lawn's requirements. Our team of experts is here to guide you through the process and explain the advantages of any necessary amendments to enhance your soil's health.


Application & Care

After you've chosen the recommended soil amendments, our team will be out to apply them. We'll also provide guidance on post-application care, including maintenance practices and watering routines, to ensure the health of your soil and support plant growth.


What Soil Amendments are Right for Your Lawn?

We're here to help you pinpoint the necessary services for your lawn. Gain a better understanding of your lawn's needs by completing our estimate form or by contacting us directly. 

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