Organic Soil Conditioner

Organic matter is the lifeblood of vibrant soils. 

Soil Cross Section

Abundance from Dead Things

Organic matter consists of decomposed plant and animal residues, including leaves, roots, and microorganisms, that integrate into the soil. It acts as a sponge, retaining moisture and nutrients that can be slowly released to the turfgrass roots, promoting sustained growth. This material improves soil structure by increasing its porosity, which enhances air and water movement through the soil, essential for root development and health. Additionally, organic matter serves as a food source for beneficial soil organisms, such as earthworms and beneficial microbes. These organisms play a crucial role in breaking down organic matter into humus, further enriching the soil and making nutrients more accessible to plants. The interaction between organic matter and these organisms creates a dynamic, living soil environment that supports robust turfgrass growth, enabling it to thrive and resist stressors like drought, disease, and pests more effectively.

Optimal Range

During the construction of new homes, it's common for contractors to remove much of the topsoil, which is the layer richest in organic matter. Consequently, many lawns face a deficiency in organic matter, struggling to reach optimal levels for healthy growth. Through our detailed soil testing, we can identify if your lawn's organic matter content falls below the ideal range. Should this be the case, our Organic Soil Conditioner offers a solution to replenish and boost your soil's organic matter, fostering a more vibrant and thriving lawn.

Organic Soil Conditioner (OSC)

Organic Soil Conditioner acts as a vital nutrient infusion for your soil, commonly derived from composted manure or plant materials. Its application to your lawn significantly enhances soil health by elevating the organic matter content and supplying essential nutrients. The benefits include deeper, stronger root systems, improved water retention, and enhanced soil aeration. Moreover, the increased organic matter fosters a beneficial microbial ecosystem, further aiding in nutrient breakdown and absorption, and making your lawn more resistant to stressors such as drought and disease. By incorporating Organic Soil Conditioner, you're not just feeding your lawn; you're building your soil which is the foundation for a healthy lawn.

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What to Expect with Organic Soil Conditioner

Let's boost your organic matter to help enhance your lawn’s appearance and overall health.


Physical Improvements

Soil structure, crucially improved by organic matter, leads to enhanced water retention, improved aeration, and better temperature regulation. Together, these benefits create an ideal environment for turfgrass to flourish.


Chemistry Improvements

Correct organic matter enhances the soil's nutrient retention and production capabilities, while also bolstering its resistance to pH fluctuations, providing your lawn with a more stable and nourishing environment.


Biological Improvements 

Organic matter significantly fulfills the nutritional needs of soil organisms, boosting soil microbial diversity, which in turn helps suppress disease, drought, and pest stressors.


Is Organic Soil Conditioner Right for Your Lawn?

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