Battling Mosquitoes in Virginia

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With summer temperatures soaring across Virginia, many of us are enjoying the sunshine and spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately, these same conditions create a haven for mosquitoes. These unwelcome guests can turn your backyard cookout or evening relaxation into a swatting frenzy.

Here in Virginia, a Virginia Commonwealth University study highlighted the link between longer warm seasons and increased mosquito populations. Fewer natural predators combined with ideal breeding conditions mean mosquitoes are thriving in our state.

Taking Back Your Yard from Mosquitoes

At Virginia Green, we understand the importance of enjoying your great outdoors without irritation from mosquitoes. That's why we offer a safe and effective all-natural mosquito control program, as well as a bundle of our flea, tick, and mosquito programs. Our all-natural products are comprised of essential oils to deter mosquitoes from entering your property, allowing you and your family to reclaim your backyard and enjoy the summer worry-free.

Predicting Peak Mosquito Activity

Accuweather offers a helpful tool that uses weather forecasts to estimate mosquito activity in your area. This can be a handy resource for planning your outdoor activities and identifying if mosquito treatments are right for you.

Pest prediction by Accuweather.com

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