Combat Lawn Disease with Our Estate Lawn Care Program

Frequently Asked Questions

With temperatures rising earlier than usual this year, lawn diseases are making an unexpected early appearance. These diseases thrive in hot, humid, and moist conditions, particularly during nights when temperatures stay in the low-to-mid 70s. Two common culprits, brown patch (Rhizoctonia) and dollar spot (Clarireedia), are especially active under these conditions.

Recognizing the Signs of Lawn Disease

Is your lawn looking darker and water-soaked, with brown circular patches a few inches in diameter? These are classic signs of lawn disease. Additionally, you might notice grass blades with irregular ash gray lesions bordered by dark brown margins. While some green leaves might still be visible and the roots remain intact, the presence of disease is undeniable.

Protect Your Investment with our Estate Lawn Care Program

Our Estate Lawn Care Program offers comprehensive protection against lawn disease. In addition to the treatments you already receive, this upgraded program includes four additional fungicide applications during the summer months. Fungicides are most effective when used preventatively, before disease takes hold. However, if disease is already present, our fungicide applications can stop its progression and protect your lawn from further damage for up to 28-32 days.

Why Choose Estate Lawn Care

  • Preventative Care: Protect your lawn before disease takes hold
  • Immediate Action: Halt disease progression if it's already active.
  • Long-Lasting Protection: Ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant for up to a month after each application.

To qualify for the Estate Program, your lawn should be well-established, and you must be committed to proper watering practices. Investing in your lawn is investing in your home’s value and curb appeal. Ensure your investment is protected with the best care available.

Ready to Upgrade?

Contact us today to see if our Estate Lawn Care Program is right for your lawn. Don't wait until disease takes over – take action now and keep your lawn looking its best all season long.

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