Message from Gil: Seeing Local Lawns Spring to Life

Message from Gil

Seeing Local Lawns Spring to Life

There is nothing quite like the sights, sounds and smells of spring, from the beautiful flowers in bloom, honeysuckle hanging in the trees and the smell of fresh cut grass on beautiful tall fescue lawns. Maybe we are a little biased at Virginia Green, but this is certainly our favorite season of the year. This season has gotten off to a great start and ample rain, sunshine and warm days have produced gorgeous lawns and landscapes. Please make sure to share photos of your landscape with us on social media or by emailing to property@virginiagreen.com.

Tall fescue grass is susceptible to lawn diseases which may damage the appearance. We see circular patterns in the lawn as the fungus grows out and a browning of the leaves. While lawn diseases do not kill the lawn, they can make it unsightly and repair with aeration and seeding in the fall is required.  Virginia Green offers an enhanced lawn protection program called the Estate Program. This comprehensive 11 application program includes products to prevent lawn diseases and other problems throughout the year.  Protect your investment in your home by switching to the Estate Program today.

This is also a wonderful time to be outside and our pest control applications are in full swing.  Flea and tick applications to the landscape, mosquito services and perimeter pest control to keep insects out of your home are many of the different services Virginia Green offers to help you enjoy the outdoors.  Please touch base with our knowledgeable customer service or sales team about these services.

We hope you have many activities planned outside this summer and enjoy utilizing your beautiful lawn and landscape.  As always, we want to thank you for choosing Virginia Green as your trusted provider. We take great care and pride in providing the highest level of service and expertise to help your lawn thrive. 

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